GW deleted baddie is back, what to do?

QuestionsGW deleted baddie is back, what to do?
asked 3 years ago

I have a late payment on a closed account.  After a ton of GW letters (and denials) I finally received a postive response back stating that they would update my payment history to all of the major reporting agencies without the late payment on there.  Like many GW approval letters I’ve received, this one stated it could take 45-60 days to see the update on my credit reports.  From my experience in the past this usually happens much sooner.  Within a day of me receiving the letter, I noticed the late payment was gone from my EQ report while it remained on TU and EX.  I figured in the next week or so I’d likely see the same result with the other 2B.  Instead, just a few days ago I noticed that the late payment is back on EQ.  It was gone for about 10 days, but now it’s back.  Any ideas why this could be the case? 


Just wondering if anyone has experienced this in the past and what they did (if anything) when it happened.  Do I just wait it out longer, say the full 45-60 days and see what happens?  Do I write the creditor and let them know what I noticed with EQ, that it came off but was then back on?  I figure that since I have written documentation from them that they will update the payment history ultimately I’ll be able to get it updated accordingly, I just don’t know if I should take any sort of action yet at this point.

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