Goodwill Letters and PFD method question

QuestionsGoodwill Letters and PFD method question
Audra Marcantel asked 4 years ago

I have multiple 90 day late credit card accounts reporting negatively on my credit reports. 


The GW and PFD seem like good methods, but from what I’ve read it seems to mainly apply to accounts that have already been charged off or gone to collections??


I would like to keep my accounts open, they haven’t gone to collections …. yet, very soon from what all the calls I get are saying.


Is there a way to get them to PFD and keep the account open?

As mentioned in another thread, I tried this with Target and they weren’t trying to hear any of it!  I got off the phone with nothing accomplished.


I have about 13 more accounts to contact…..  


I just found out my Care Credit account has been charged off. That makes me sad because I have a feeling I will need expensive dental surgery some time this year. sigh

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