Goodwill Backfire?

QuestionsGoodwill Backfire?
asked 3 years ago

I have a charge off on my report from Chase that has “paid in full; was a charge off” as the pay status and both “settled less than full balance” and “paid in full; was a charge off” as remarks. The last date of payment is 11/2013 and 11/2019 is when they have it falling off.

I sent a goodwill letter to chase admitting my mistake, asking to amend our relationship, and asking for deletion. They emailed me that they would look into it. CreditKarma said that chase was no longer on my report, so I called Chase for an update. They spoke to me and said that they couldn’t delete it since that is unfair, but that they added a charge off date and then added more late payments since some were missing. So, now my report looks worse than before? Smiley Sad.

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