Gonna look at this a positive

QuestionsGonna look at this a positive
asked 5 years ago

I recently disputed late payments from 2011. Multiple 120-150. Well the bureaus have come back with them being revised. Basically they took only 2 120 lates and tuned them into 1 180 day late. I have documentation that I made the payments but a year of those payments were to their collections company.

I just left them a message to contact me. I’m not sure if those payments will help any.

At least I did get a point increase with the little change they did. It has put me over 700!!! Not bad for someone who was at a 518 last year.

I gw 13 late payments for the same account that another office took over. Got nice increases for those as well as bringing my util from 30 to 10%.

I don’t think I will rock the boat with my documentation if they feel by submitting it will do any damage. Don’t see how it would.

I’m pretty damn proud at how far I’ve come. 😃

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