Given a Cease and Desist from sending GW Letters

QuestionsGiven a Cease and Desist from sending GW Letters
asked 3 years ago

“Dear Madam:


My firm represents (Bu Yao’s open auto loan with 30 and 60 day late payment from June and July 2014) and I am contacting you in response to your inquiries about a request for a goodwill adjustment to your credit report.


(This bogus company) is committed to work with you to resolve any issues you may have regarding your account, including ensuring that (This no talent company)’s credit reporting is complete and accurate.  Please contact (these yahoo’s) by telephone at XXX XXX XXXX, and an (forgettable) representative will be glad to assist you.


It is my understanding that you have addressed numerous letters and emails to (Auto loan from Hell) exectutives regarding your request for a goodwill adjustment.  It is not necessary or appropriate to send daily emails to (Horrid) executives, and (Dingbats) requests that you stop emailing its executives on a daily basis.  Please direct any inquiries you may have to (A subprime company) XXX XXX XXXX.




John Mess you up


Burr Forman LLP”

Apparently a Lawyer?


Since it states emails, I continue my goodwill adventure by mail since it states stop emailing. 

Thoughts myFicoians?Smiley LOL

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