Getting Past Statements from Comenity

QuestionsGetting Past Statements from Comenity
Adriene Jewell asked 6 years ago

I have 3 30 day lates in 2014 from a Comenity bank store card. I do not have the statements and can only view as far back as 10/2014 on their website. I sent them a request for all statements in 2014 and they came back with this:

Thank you for your recent inquiry to our Customer Care Department.
Comenity Bank issues your account and responds to all credit related

We apologize for the inconvenience; however we may only send three (3)
statements out unless you have a court order. Please submit a request
for the three (3) statements (including months and years) you would like
for us to send and we will get them out for you right away.

We hope this information is helpful. For the security of your account
information, we ask if there are any follow up questions you have
related to this concern, please click on the reply button.

Is this true? And why? Why am I not entitled to all my past statements? Can anyone help me understand this?

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