Getting a medical collection removed ??

QuestionsGetting a medical collection removed ??
asked 4 years ago

Hi all! So I recently succeeded in getting my second last collection off of my bureaus — a medical collection of $ 1200 with Mercantile Adjustment. The hospital actually forgave the debt 3 years ago but never reported it to the COL AGENCY and it finally came off thanks to my due diligence. Got a 5 point score bump too 🙂 At 636 now (EXPERIAN), up from 578 just in July!!

NOW, I have one more due to age off in November (Experian is excluding early for me).. California Buisiness Bureau. The balance is $ 1705 with the hospital (OC) but they want $ 2200 to pay it off and they will delete early…extortion if you ask me!! I declined and want to know if theres ANY WAY to get this off early based on HIPAA, or DV or disputing? I tried disputing with CRA (EXP) and they just came back validated. Are there any other options for me to be aggressive or should i just wait ? The collection is from early 2009, so I imagine it barely hurts my score now? The collection removed overnight was from 2011-2012, much more recent.

Any advice would be appreciated! I want t have a clean report when I app spree for new cards in October/November, so waiting wouldn’t kill me, but I’m impatient. I have $ 10,850 in credit, at 43% UTIL – paid down to 29% which will report end of month. So expecting a bump there too! Thank you all for advice — you are all wonderful here!!


EXP 636
TU 633
EQ 600 * Not on this report 

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