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asked 4 years ago

Hey guys. A little backstory. I’m 27 and just now am deciding to start with credit. I decided I needed credit because I got denied for a 5000 dollar auto Loan with 15000 in collateral. Anyways my scores when I started in march were around 440. Now im up to 590. I opened a $ 200 secured card with first progress. Paid off 3 collections and got 1 totally deleted. I also just got approved for a $ 300 capitol 1 card with $ 149 deposit.
Now for the questions. First off. My score was 597. But it dropped 5 points. I got 1 collections deleted as it should have. But 2 public records were removed. 1 that should not have fallen off until December, and another one I’m still currently be garnished for. But my concern is that since they shouldn’t be off my report, next time credit karma updates they will be back and look like new thing and tank my credit score further. Is this a possibility?
Next questionis.. I’m new to the whole credit scene. And I do have enough cash to get a bunch more of the secured cards. Should i drop 1000-1500 on 4 or 5 more of them. Paying them on time wouldnt be an issue. I just am wondering if that would look better or worse on my report. I currently have 2. Thanks in advance

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