FYI Costco Citi Visa for New Members

QuestionsFYI Costco Citi Visa for New Members
asked 4 years ago

I currently do not have a membership with Costco, but have become very interested in the new Costco Citi Visa  scheduled to roll out June 20th.  I was told that while customers will be able to use any Visa at that time, they will have applications and instant approvals available for those who qualify for the Citi Visa on June 20th as well.  Also during my investigation Cap One was mentioned as a card issuer as well.  Found out Cap One supplies the Costco store card only, no Visa.  I’m sure most knew about it, but for the few who might have known, lol!


Needless to say, my calender has been updated to visit Costco on June 20th.??????

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