frustrated with Capital one

Questionsfrustrated with Capital one
asked 2 years ago

My Quicksilver was the first card i got after getting into some credit trouble in 2013. I was grateful they approved me for 3000 in April of last year and now im at 3800 after i requested a CLI and them my steps increase in Nov. I pay most of my bills on the card and my daughter tuition. I pay the card off in full by making multiple payment but sometimes it reports over the 30% which is dragging down my credit  score. I have a AMex BCE with a 2000 limit and im hoping to get the 3x cli in the 61 days and possibly making my amex my main card. im not happy about missing out on the difference of the .5% cash back i would get with my quick silver. I was thinking about applying for a venture and then combining the two cards but that will take too long. Any ideas on what i can do?  i dont want to have a balance on both cards.

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