First steps and rules to getting a mortgage

QuestionsFirst steps and rules to getting a mortgage
asked 3 years ago

I’d be a first time home owner and would like to be in a house by the end of 2017. That means I have 18 months to get ready to apply. 


What are the steps that I should be taking *or not taking* to prepared to qualify a decent mortgage rate? I checked the baords and didn’t see anything definitive, but I did see advice for specific situations. 


I feel like I have no idea where to start besides paying down debt and making timely payments. I know I need my scores, but I think I’m even too early for that. Yes, I have my actual credit reports from all 3 bureaus, and there isn’t anything unmanageable to address. I’m not looking for any specifics for my circumstances, but rather I’m looking for the general rules of thumb.


What are the mortgage rules and direct steps? 




Thank you in advance.


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