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asked 4 years ago

Well this morning. i was thinking about my taxes. thats upcoming. and ive been rebuilding for about 2 years.

so i got a big ideal. and decided to go to my credit union and apply for a signature loan.

funny thing is. a couple people inside the bank have seen me so much in the last year. they know me by first name.

so i go to one of the senior credit  reps. and say i would like a loan. he said have a seat and did not ask my name or anything. i saw him typing. for about 5 mins. i said whats going on you need my id? he said no i have all your info here. How the hell. they he said can i pull your report. i said go ahead. he came back and said how much you want. after telling me my score which in fact was different than the score here. at fico. it was a equifax beacon 5.0 score. but it was only a point different. i said. i will take 5k. he said. ok. he said give me a 5mins . shook my hand and said the cash is now in your checking account. i cannot beleive it was that ez. all of 20 mins. with no id or anything. and this cash is there. i took 500 out and paid a bill. now i know the difference between good and bad. never has this happened without any collaterial. thanks everyone for all your great support and sharing of knowledge.

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