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asked 4 years ago

i opened an account with FPB in august of 2013, $ 300sl  

i let the account go to **bleep** almost immediately, in November of 2015 i received a letter from FPB offering to settle the account on a new card/account. i called and got the details, my balance of $ 496 would be transferred to the new account/card at $ 475 and that would be my limit, once i paid the card off, it would become a fresh account with FPB with a $ 475sl. i paid the account off and begin using it as a responsible person thankful for a second chance.


i pulled my reports a while back, noticed i had 2 accounts for FPB one active and one closed-derogatory

I disputed it, Equifax marked it as “payment after charge off/collection account information disputed by consumer,meets FCRA requirements”  

it still stands on my reports as “collection/charge off”


TU has the open date of 08/03/2013

EQ has the open date of 08/01/2013    not sure this is enough to get a delete so im looking to go the goodwill route.


Anyone have any good suggestions for how to go about a goodwill for account deletion with FPB? 

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