First post , couple questions , and thanks …

QuestionsFirst post , couple questions , and thanks …
Francesca Day asked 5 years ago

Hello to everyone, first post and I’ve already learned a lot from browsing the forum .


A couple questions if you don’t mind:


1) Is it worth it to request credit limit increases from your CC companies? Is the potential increase in available credit worth the ding you might incur when the company pulls your credit . 

2) My average age of credit is about 10 years , but I recently got a CC to pay for some tires, so that new CC is dragging down my credit age. Is it wise to cancel that newest card to bump my average credit age back up?


I’m 35 , married, myFICO is 828 as reported by Citi , and creditkarma is showing me about 795 on both companies they report from, so I know my credit is decent , I’m just trying to be better Smiley Happy 


Thanks for this wonderful forum and I’m working on all the acronyms …. 



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