Finally made the 800 club!! To app spree or not to app spree…

QuestionsFinally made the 800 club!! To app spree or not to app spree…
Jude Irving asked 6 years ago

So I’ve been waiting for my NFCU payoff to post after my credit card debt was consolidated onto a low interest personal loan. I’ve been saving up the CreditCheckTotal $ 1 trial until I noticed the balance was paid so I didn’t have to wait for myFico to update (yes, I’m that impatient, you have no idea). Well, 3 days after the statement posted, EQ and EX were finally updated, and I went ahead with the CCT trial and got this:



This is a first! I was in the 400s in 2011/2012 when I started on the rebuilding section of the board, so this has been a journey for me. Never would I have imagined I’d been in the 800s, especially with my horrible credit past.


Now the dillema, I’ve been waiting for this so I could app for a few cards I’ve been wanting, mainly the Slate for the 0% BT offer, and the CSP to pair with my Freedom for rewards and the Amex BCE. Also considering one of the Chase hotel cards.. but now that I have an 800+ score, I’m not sure I want to apply anymore and ruin this great score! Smiley Happy Don’t know what to do.. decisions, decisions! I’ve been itching to go on an app spree….

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