Finally got my luv button fix

QuestionsFinally got my luv button fix
Felipa Means asked 5 years ago

Opened two Cap1 CC back in Nov. with starting limits of $ 300 each. Decided to hit the luv button today and got both increased to $ 800. Not as much as I wanted but at least now I can run my usual amount I run through them without being at 80-90% and having to pay them off weekly just so I can charge more on them.

Started off with a 535 Fico on 10/2014 and I’m now almost up to a 650 score on all three bureaus. I have some baddies set to fall off in Sept-Nov which is awesome. The ghosts from my 2008 fall from grace are almost gone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you for all the help. The search feature and info on here is great.

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