Finally closed then performed cpr on new neighbor

QuestionsFinally closed then performed cpr on new neighbor
Nidia Esparza asked 6 years ago

What an ordeal. I’m sick with stomach problems right now, so this will be without all the details. We closed on Friday & started moving in. I heard blood-curdling screams from a neighbor’s yard, so I ran over & found a woman holding her unconcious toddler in the pool & begging for help. I pulled the little girl out, drained some water out, & began chest compressions, more draining as needed, more compressions. More people started rushing up & I was pushed aside as another neighbor came to take over. Total havok. I’m a traumatized mess. The little girl has remained unresponsive on a ventilator in critical condition ever since.


Second & also distressing is that our new home has a thick layer of creosite all over the entire crawlspace as a termite treatment. The house is reaking of mothballs (the smell of creosote) because it’s been closed up for over a month with no ventilation. I felt sick after spending the night breathing it & ended up grabbing the kid, 3 cats, & bird to go back to the apartment. We’re hiring 2 professionals to determine if we need to pay several thousands to wrap it all, which I think we do. The inspector did tell us about the creosite, but he only mentioned how awesome it was against termites, no mention of the noxious off-gassing that occurs in hot weather. My daughter (11) & I are pondering where to go when everything is removed from the apartment tomorrow. Should we stay with my sister 40 minutes away from our new house, or should we go back to the house & just keep the windows open alllllllllll the time for ventilation until it either airs completely out or we get the crawl space encapsulated? We moved to a small town where our next door neighbors never lock their doors & leave the keys in their vehicles. We might be safe with only screened windows for a few weeks, right? 


Alright, so there you have it. This has been a crazy few days. For those wanting to send thoughts & prayers for the little girl, her name is Paisley. 

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