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Ollie Rausch asked 6 years ago

Hi All,


When I started my re-pairing my credit journey last July i was really in bad shape with 12 collection and 1 derogatory charge off.  With my hard work, being patient and be working and monitor my score like a hawk I manage to get all 12 collection off from my file in 15months.  I am really happy and proud of myself, with starting score 515 now its 715 .


Make long story short I have 1 badie which is my only derogotary charge off with Wells Fargo Dealer Service which was open 03/05/2010 but due to loosing my job and can’t keep up with the payment i let my car repo (yes bad ideas and bad decision, big mistake I admitted). The first Delinquency reported date was 02/2013.


The account now its current closed with 0 balance but mark as charge off and condition are Degortary.  Now I know it has to be 7.5 years from the Delinquency date in order to falls off from my file.  I at the comment stated it was paid for less than full balance. Yes I settled 50% with Wells Fargo.


I had tried good will letter, email to EO, but no luck at all.  


My real question is what is the best way for me to get Wells Fargo to remove/delete it off from my file? This account actually the oldest account in my file.  I was thinking about calling Wells Fargo to make a deal with them that I would agreed to pay the rest 50% for deletion in return. good or bad ideas?


What are my other option?  I dont want to wait till the account falls off that would be another 5years for me.  I am looking to buy a house so I need my file to be clean.  My score are good but my file now have 1 badie.  Please help.

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