Final Credit Pull?

QuestionsFinal Credit Pull?
Crystal Winslow asked 5 years ago

So yesterday we went to the title company to sign all of our closing documents. The process was smooth and pretty quick. (Only about 30 minutes.) We are located in California, so we are not in a ‘table funding’ state, so today, the title company sends all of the signed closing documents to the lender to be approved and to have the lender fund our loan. The sale is due to record with our county tomorrow, our loan officer thinks. We are due to get our keys tomorrow afternoon, as of now. I was just wondering: Will they pull our credit again before giving us the keys? Our original credit pull was on January 5th, so I just didn’t know if they would pull it one more time or not. (For the record: It does not matter if they do: nothing has changed. Actually… my score is probably slightly higher from paying a credit card balance down since the last statement.)

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