Filing motions in court

QuestionsFiling motions in court
Bernie Plunkett asked 5 years ago

So I have had a previous thread dealing with a case I feel is invalid due to improper service in the state of Illinois. There are varying degrees of opinions on if I will have success or not; but this question I am posing isn’t really related to those opinions, this is merely technically speaking.


Has anyone here actually written their own motion to have a judgement vacated? Or I guess higher level, just writing a motion in general?


It is a little intimidating; The Circuit Clerk of Will County Illinois does have the needed forms online, I just don’t know if doing this on my own causes risk, or I should hire an attorney.  I know I likely will have to hire an attorney anyway if it gets vacated, since they will likely resue, but the case against me feels a slam-dunk improper service and I want to work on negotiating the settlement without it on the pubic record.


Are there companies online that will draft these for you? Any suggestions.. Pretty green with legal stuff.



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