FICO score droped

QuestionsFICO score droped
asked 3 years ago

I know this a no brainer….but, I need tips or suggestions.  I am not looking to purchase anything in the near future except a car 2-3 years out.  Here is my situation:


I purchased a home in October 2015…Got a great deal, but it needed work.  Instead of doing aline of credit I opened 4-5 different credit cards all with 0% financing with a 3-4 month period.  I knew my score would take a hit, but it dropped over a 100 points.  I went from a 5% utilization to 60% utilization.  I know I need to lower the utlization that is obvious, but I wanted to see if anyone had specific ideas. Will it take forever to get it back up?


Julie Ann

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