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QuestionsFHA repairs question
Kermit Dove asked 6 years ago

So it seems that everything is moving along and closing is scheduled for May 4th.  However, I am still waiting for seller to make FHA repairs so that the apprasier can go back out and inspect the repairs.  I am understanding that once this is done then all has to be sent in to UW for final approval.  I am 13 days away and wondering if the repairs are complete by Friday what are the chances the appraiser will make it back out there and all will be done in time to close on the 4th???  Should I not be making plans to move just yet???  Can the closing date be pushed back due to repairs and re-insepction not being done?  If so, for how long?  I guess what I am asking is this, is there a timeline for these repairs to be completed?  If it took the appraiser a week to go the first time will it take that long for the re-inspection?

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