FHA – NHF grant loan

QuestionsFHA – NHF grant loan
Tristan Schilling asked 6 years ago

Trying to buy a house in Massachusetts.


Lender got back to me with:


FHA 3.5% down due to lack of downpayment.

NHF Platinum Grant at 5%.

4.375% rate

$ 250,000 loan


Trans Union score 802

Equifax 771

Esperian 768


I make decent money so making the payments is no issue (currently rent a condo) but was in shock after seeing that the NHF Grant raises the rate by .5. 


Anyone else do FHA with NHF grant?


Not many lenders I have contacted deal with the NHF Grant. 


What do you think? 4.375% good? for this type of loan? 


With FHA you get 5% from the NHF for down payment/closing costs. 

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