FCO: next step?

QuestionsFCO: next step?
Moses Lahey asked 6 years ago



So I have this $ 736 collection (it’s my last collection left) that FCO will *not* PFD. I have been working that angle for quite some time, in addition to debt validation, etc. 


It’s for a joint apartment debt. It’s from 2011. I know I have read that scores typically jump a lot when the last collection drops off (I still have other baddies, like many student loan lates, etc.). 


What is my next step?

– continue to work PFD? I believe I’ve escalated to the most senior individual

– pay in full and then work GW? i doubt i’d have success there, with how stingy they’ve been on PFD

– try to negotiate a settlement?

   – if i settle, i am aiming to have them make status “paid in full,” correct? not “settled” ?

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