Factoring UTI & Other Issues – Help Please

QuestionsFactoring UTI & Other Issues – Help Please
asked 4 years ago

Hi Guys, I know this is a long post but I need a bit of help!


I have finally paid my credit cards down! Here Goes…


Credit One Bank (Open and Current, No Late Pays)

Limit: $ 300.00

Balance: 9.95


Neighbors Federal Credit Union (**Charged Off**)

Limit: $ 500.00

Charged Off Balance:$ 457

New Balance: $ 0.00


First Premier (Closed by Grantor)

Limit: $ 300.00

Balance: $ 92.00

New Balance: $ 0.00 – Paid Off May 5th!


Regarding my UTI, Shoud I include the charged off and closed accounts in figuring out my new UTI or just my open credit card? FICO says my current UTI is at 91% but the new figures haven’t been factored in as of yet.


Other than this, I have 4 collection accounts to take care of and I’m hoping to see my scores shoot thru the roof so I can apply for a mortgage!


Enhanced Recovery – $ 796

Equidata – $ 226

Certified Recovery Systems – $ 1590

Transfinancial Company – $ 0.00 (Medical paid in 01/2014)


Advice is appreciated!


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