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QuestionsExperian only reporting year of birth
Dick Sissons asked 6 years ago

To make this short, I started building my own personal credit back in November. Started with a secured card, got a couple more. Checked my reports for accuracy. I forget which bureau it was, but I think it was Experian then too, that reported my birth year off by one year. I submitted a dispute and it looked correct. The year anyway.


Fast forward to now when I could get my official FICO reports, and noticed TU and EQ report my name a little differently (middle name vs. initial, no big deal?), and year and date of birth. Experian only has the year. And no middle name or initial for me.


While I have an Experian score, I’m wondering if this could be damaging me a little. TU and EQ both report my past closed/terminated account that I was an authorized user on, but not EX. Chase also only pulled EX back in Dec when I tried and declined me; I wonder if this was part of the reason. Cap One also only pulled TU and EQ, though they are infamous for triple pulls. Probably couldn’t find me!


Should I submit a dispute for my date of birth? Technically, the year is correct…but for someone trying to narrow it down between a few other people, a day of birth would probably be helpful.


I’ve opened the dispute, just wondering if I should click submit.

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