Experian Early Deletion – Thank God!!

QuestionsExperian Early Deletion – Thank God!!
asked 4 years ago

I have been fighting the devil since March – you know it as Midland Credit Management.  I first tried a GW letter for the removal of a debt that was paid off in 2012 and due to fall off in Dec 2015.  No dice.  Then when I pulled some forms, I realized that the DoFD was actually 9/2008.  I disputed with Experian (the only CRA reporting this) on 3 different occasions.  The first time, Experian disputed the date as 6/2008.  The second time, they disputed the correct date of 9/2008, but did not attach my docs.  And this time, they claimed that First Bank of Delaware (Imagine Mastercard) confirmed the 12/2008 DoFD date even after viewing my docs.  Luckily, I was blessed to get the right rep on the phone at Experian (Paola or Paula).  I got the email saying my file was updated by Experian, but I don’t know what was updated – she confirmed that the 12/2015 deletion date would stay.  I told her I know the date is wrong but “it is what it is”.  As I was about to hang up (and accept defeat), she told me to “hold on while I check some information on this account for you”.  She came back 2 minutes later and said “I can remove this account for you today”.  Of course, I thanked her (and confirmed her as the Queen of the Day).  She asked for my email address so that I can be notified when the deletion is completed in 24-72 hours.  I can’t believe this fight is over – thank You God!!!


Hope this gives someone hope!!!

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