asked 3 years ago

I feel like I’ve finally reached a point in my credit journey, a point where I can be selective. None of this could have been possible if my online searches didn’t result in directing me to the MyFico Community! So here’s where I stand. I’ve closed my ON Visa! I was approved for the AARP; $ 200 bonus this will help offset my tuition for my last semester. The month of December included a personal loan, car loan, and AARP, think Penfed was November, needless to say I’ve been busy.


Now I’m debating my upcoming closures! The chopping block includes: Walmart (2 years old), PRG (reaches a year in April), RMC (1 ½ old), Amazon Visa (1 ½ old), DC (1 year), & I’m debating on closing the Marriott. Two of my 0% expires in March, 1 in June, then Chase in November. I want to get to a point where I only have one card with each lender, I want to diversify. I know my AAoA will not be harmed! I did get a BOA preapproval for 0% interest for 15 months, so I’m debating on applying! Not sure how to execute my plan without getting noticed. TIA!



BOA is offering the Rewards Visa, 0% and 18.99 after, no idea why it doesn’t have the $ 100 bonus.

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