Excessive CC Debt What are my options?

QuestionsExcessive CC Debt What are my options?
Audra Marcantel asked 4 years ago

I have about $ 12,000 in Credit Card debt it’s split between 3 cards and all 3 are on 0% APR Promos (Thank God!). Right now I can only afford to pay the minimum payments but I’m hoping that by May I can but at least a 3k payment into it and hopefully $ 500 monthly payments (total, not per card) following.

Here’s the breakdown:

5.5k on a CU Card promo expires 4/27 then 10.49%
4k on Chase Slate promo expires 5/10 then 19.74%
2.5K on BOA card promo expires 8/5 then 19.74%

Also all of these are at 90% of their limit being utilized Smiley Sad I know but I had to I didn’t have any other options available at the time. This along with inquiries and my mortgage tanked my score it was 710 now I’m at 655 I’m in tears seriously I worked so hard to get there and I know in time it’ll bounce back but it still hurts. I have no late payments (only (2) 30 day lates from 2012).

I’ve considered getting a debt consolidation loan for maybe the CU and the Slate once they expire it’ll keep interest lower than what it is and more time to pay.

So please let me know your thoughts on what are the best solutions I really appreciate it!

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