asked 4 years ago

This myth that only 30 day late payments are reported to the credit bureaus is a lie. Today I applied for Barclay credit card, instantly approved for 1,500$ , 4 minutes later I called the back door number and requested to have my limit set at 3,000$ . Here is where it gets interesting, before he gave me a 500$ Increase  ( he denied anything higher then that because of how low my other credit limits were) he did a soft pull and asked me why was I 2-3 days late on my Wells Fargo credit card. Interesting, I thought only 30 day late payments were reported to the bureau and anything reported under 30 days was a violation of federal law. My Wells Fargo credit card had interest due on 12/2/2016 (11.25$ ) I didn’t pay it because that interest included a cash advance interest and last month that cash advance was due to a fraudulent charge; Not only did wellsfargo make a mistake by charging me interest on a fradulaebt charge, that they claimed was already resolved and any related fees would be reimbursed back to me; but they also reported me 2-3 day late payment to the bureaus. Also, I pulled the SAME credit report Barclays pulled a couple of minutes later and I didn’t see ANY late payments on my account. It’s safe to say lenders can see things we can’t. I will be seeking legal help.

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