Every scoring category going up. CS down?!?!

QuestionsEvery scoring category going up. CS down?!?!
asked 4 years ago

I’ve been focusing in on my credit score for the past 4years. I’ve used every free scoring model out there & currently have an experian fico 8 purchase.

I had a volunteer repo in 2012, auctioned, showing in collection @ 9k, no court action yet. I’m in Florida & had to pay taxes on the collection as I received an income type reporting document for the auction of repo. & it increased my yearly income that year of about 10k.

Anyway, in past 4 years I’ve opened jcp, cap 1 silver, cap 1 platinum, Merrick mc, Barclay rewatds visa, all unsecured.
I have about 48% utilization, I owe $ 1800 on 4K with one card @ 97%. I also have marathon gas card I pay off monthly. I opened the cards slowly over 4 years. I have 25k in student loans, deferred, that are in a legal situation where I took a medical leave for back surgery& when I came back 8months later, the school was CLOSED. I was in school for stenography/closed captioning & the nearest school for that is 4 hours away on the Florida/Georgia line (Jacksonville area). Student loans are reporting deferred on time/ pays interest. 65%.

I have no car payment & I owe 35k on what is labeled as a recreational vehicle loan, but is actually a double wide manufactured home in a park on rented land. I’m a FT server @ Disney in Orlando of 20-years & report all tips. I make about 65k.

SOOOO. In the past 3-months I’ve watched my cap1 credit wise score drop from 640, 580, 505! On that site & other sites, where each category is given a score, everything has improved ! No lates, decreases in utilization, inquiries from 6 to 2, credit mix is perfect, overall balances down in small amounts.
In length of credit I have an :A
On time payments: A
Credit mix. B
Credit used: C
Recent inquiries. 2
That is all from capital one credit wise.

On CS I have about. 560TU VScore
On CK I have about. 564 TU VScore &. 590 EQ VScore

On my experian fico 8 my score went from 612 to 637 from July to August. My Merrick bank go fico score, is also in the 640’s
I’m trying to buy a flipped site built home for my retirement on a Usda loan (620-640 score needed), instead of keeping this manufactured home I inherited, but should have sold as I moved to Florida to live in it, as my Grandmither left it to me after 2 months of buying it & passing away. She put 20k down on a 60k dbl wide 5 miles from Disney in a gorgeous gated community/spa of 55+ snowbirds. I was only 33, but they had to let me in because of inheritance clause.I’ve paid the $ 420mtg always on time (17 years) & when I moved here the lot rent was $ 99/month. Now IT IS……………$ 539/month. That’s $ 1190/month with insurance! CRAZY!
If I do a model to see how much house I can afford it’s about $ 140k, which I’ve found many beautiful flipped homes with pools 20 minutes away in the beautiful chain of lakes area of central Florida(lake Alfred/ winter haven).
Besides needing to pay down my revolving debt, & dbl wide home loan, what am I NOT doing to get my CS UP?

I don’t want to do a mtg. Hard pull until all CC’s are paid off & ive got a little more in savings. This is about 6months away.
What do you think is dropping the vantage score? It with a decent fico 8, should I not worry & just keep paying down bills?

I do have 2 collection hospital bills. One is $ 150 & the other is 1k. They are 7 months short of SOL’s for collections & also just showed up in June separately from same junk debt buyer. I am asking for validation & know how to handle them in court if they push it. I just had TU to file a discrepancy for sudden reporting & age. It is possible they are mine, but they showed up out of NO-WHERE!
I will follow up with proof of chain, if they fight TU discrepancy, as its ancient & I know they won’t be able to provide any successful completed acceptable court complete documentations.

I hope some1 can wrap their head around all of this!
It’s a ton of info & I would appreciate any info, advice, or where is the best place for me to be looking for mtg. CS etc!

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