Ever send a GW ADJ approval letter to bureaus?

QuestionsEver send a GW ADJ approval letter to bureaus?
Lazaro Cowen asked 4 years ago

I’ve never seen this question asked yet on the forum so I figured I’d pose it.  Say you receive a favorable response letter from a creditor that you requested a GW adjustment from.  In their response letter they typically say they’ll update the reported information to reflect the adjustment (such as removing a late payment) and that it could take 4-6 weeks or whatever for the bureaus to make the change(s).  If you don’t see the change happen after the time frame suggested, has anyone tried sending a copy of your adjustment letter to the bureaus yourself?


Typically in these letters, it states “In the meantime, you can use this letter as evidence of this update.”


So if the letter is evidence of the update, would sending it to the bureaus yourself possibly get the adjustment taken care of sooner?


The reason I’m posing this question is because back in October I received one of these letters.  By mid-December (60+ days later) the adjustment still hadn’t been made on all 3 of my reports.  I sent a follow up letter which yielded another response from the creditor that they would again send a request to the update my credit report with the new information.  Again, it appears that the adjustments aren’t being made. 


I can (and will) continue to follow up with the creditor in hope that their repeated requests will eventually get the job done, but was considering taking matters into my own hands by using their letter as a way of trying to initiate the adjustment myself. 


Has anyone tried this and/or what are your thoughts on this?

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