ERC Goodwill Success… how long is typical?

QuestionsERC Goodwill Success… how long is typical?
Charity Sherlock asked 4 years ago

I sent ERC a goodwill letter on Jan 8th and heard back on the 10th with this message :


Thank you for your inquiry. A deletion has been submitted to all three credit bureaus in association with the account. Please allow up to 45 days for the update to appear on your personal credit report.  If you have further questions or concerns you may contact a general representative at (800) 617-0049 during the following office hours: 8 am-11pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-7pm Friday and 8am-5pm Saturday.



Warm Regards,


Customers Relations Team c/o Office Of the President



8014 Bayberry Rd Jacksonville FL 32256


It is now Feb 1st and it is still on my credit report, I know it says up to 45 days however does it usually take longer than 3 weeks to update? As soon as this is off, I am mortgage ready! Also, what would be my next step if it does not come off my report?

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