Equifax/Transunion Dispute with Barclays…… Losing my mind

QuestionsEquifax/Transunion Dispute with Barclays…… Losing my mind
asked 4 years ago

I disputed the DOFD with Equifax and Transunion, it states 8/2011 however the accoutn status below states DOFD is 9/2010. Both came back the the inforamtion is correct ( in less than a week). I called Equifax and spoke to a lady overseas, she clearly did not understand what I was even trying to explain, and transferred me to her supervisior overseas. Still could not understand and read the same book that the information is correct. I asked to be transferred to an agent in the US. I spoke to a nice gentlemen in Equifax consumer affairs department and he told me the same thing. He also said I can contact Barclays because they are reporting it incorrectly. 

My question is should I contact Barclays, the account is charged off, and due to now fall off 9/2011. Is it worth getting Barclays involved or is this something that Equifax should handle?

Experian has the correct information and it is due to fall off shortly.


Any advice is appreciated!IMG_6859.JPG

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