Equifax way low compared to others

QuestionsEquifax way low compared to others
Dick Sissons asked 6 years ago

Hello credit peeps

   Quick question for you all.  My equifax fico 08 score is 60 points below the other bureaus. I have combed through my reports and I believe the issue may be related to two old VA overpayment accounts that are listed on there.  They are listed as installment accounts and acccoring to my 3B report the condition is listed as not updated. According to my real equifax report from today it has the status as collection account and the activity designator as N/A on both. One of these is from 2009 and one is from 2011. My experian shows it as closed, and my TU doesnt have them on there at all.

   So i guess my question is: Does the fact that they dont show closed make a big deal since they are old? Also, are they correctly listed as installment accounts even though everywhere else it says collection. I am basically trying to figre out why my equifax is crazy low compared to the others and these accounts seem to be the outlier.


p.s. would love to insert a picture to show you, but it doesnt seem to want to let me.


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