Equifax reinsertion of fraudulent accounts

QuestionsEquifax reinsertion of fraudulent accounts
asked 3 years ago

Hi all


As you can imagine I am heartbroken right now.


Three of the items that Equifax deleted last summer showed up on my Equifax report again (this is a direct pull). I’m not entirely sure when it was, as while I pull daily, I don’t check my account data really carefully unless there’s an alert that something has changed. There was no alert from EQ about these items, but I do know my EQ internal score had dropped ~100 pts at the beginning of the week, so I assume this was when it happened (I don’t usually pay attention to that either, just thought it was because I was disputing something recently and it hadn’t updated yet). I noticed it said my monthly payments were double what they actually are so I went to check what was going on.


I called them this morning and they are telling me the items have been there the whole time. I gave them references to the hundreds of disputes that were done last year over fraudulent items and accounts merged from other files that didn’t match my information, and they told me they were archived and “can’t locate” my affidavit of fraud, and that they never deleted these tradelines and that I just didn’t see them. As if I wouldn’t have noticed an open car loan with $ 10,000 left on it with Chase Auto Finance for 9 months?? 


I know I can file another dispute and the information mismatch will get them deleted, but this is ridiculous. Should I be filing a complaint? 

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