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QuestionsEquifax Issue Please Vote Your Opinion
asked 3 years ago

Ok, so I had my bankruptcy discharged back in august. This one credit union was reporting incorrectly, not a problem, filed dispute and got it removed from TU, and EX. EQ refused to remove it, instead they modified it to “Current-Open-Over balance by 120%” So awesome, now I have a credit report showing 120% utilization! I’ve tried to dispute it online several times but they kept confirming it. Last dispute ended in first week of september. I contacted the original credit union and they, after a very heated argument agreed to provided me with a letter stating I had no open accounts with them. They also said that it can take up to 90 days for the CRA to correct the information.


My question is should I:

1) refile an online dispute and attach this letter

2) file a snail mail dispute

3) just wait a couple more months to see what happens?

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