Equifax, How I Loathe Thee

QuestionsEquifax, How I Loathe Thee
Corrine Fifield asked 4 years ago

I put in a online dispute with Equifax…


There are two Credit One Bank cards reporting to my credit. One is mine, in good standing, with under 30% UTI, no lates, etc. Then there is another, from 4 years ago, that isn’t mine, that I was a Authorized user on. They stopped reporting on it on 6/2015, but they never removed it, so it repeatedly hits my report each month as having a high UTI and hurts my credit factors. 


My dispute was to remove the Credit One Bank account that I wasnt a AU on anymore. Despite numerous requests to Credit One to fix this, and them agreeing numerous times and sending me letters stating that fact, that AU account still appears.


What Equifax actually did, despite my clarifying that there were TWO showing, of which only ONE was mine – was send me a letter stating they removed both of them from my credit file, then threw them both back on the next day, and my score with them tanked 15 points! So frustrating! COME ON EQUIFAX, GET IT TOGETHER!

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