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Karine Lukis asked 5 years ago

Soo in the past month I’ve had 6 Baddies removed from Experian   and 6 removed from Equifax  !! One was due to be removed in April and all the rest were due to be removed in June. I had started and on line dispute and then followed up with phone calls. No problem and representative I spoke to were very receptive. Didn’t even have to go to a manager. I never mentioned early exclusion’s. I said I have some old accounts I’d like to look at. Don’t know if I just got lucky or what, but it sounds good to me. Also just got every day American express every day card this week with $ 8,000 initial credit line. Big week. Now I just have to sit tight and let some of my cards mature as my cards and length of credit are not very long.


wondering how much of a hit I’ll take for new card and inquiry??


Thanks everyone for all your help and information



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