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Jermaine Moody asked 4 years ago

I received a GW removal back in May 2016 on a 30-day late on my (former) WF mortgage which was a huge win for me. The mortgage is blessedly no longer in my name and just in my ex-husband’s (who got the late in the first place).


WF sent out a letter to EQ, EX and TU to have that “removed” from my report. EX and TU updated the account within a month (and I got large score increases) however it is STILL reporting with EQ and they haven’t updated my report since April 2016. I have called EQ and they said they never received anything from WF and they told me that I should just dispute it. I reached out to the rep at WF who assisted me and she said that they would send out a second update to EQ. I again called EQ and the same speech no matter what level of rep I got to.


What are my options at this point? Everything else is just aging off my account in time (student loan baddies) but if I don’t get a resolution on this one I’m stuck with it for 6 more years and I would really like to buy myself a house this year. Is there anyway I can show EQ that both EX and TU aren’t reporting it? No idea what to do.

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