EQ is bringing me into the 700 club! Should I garden?

QuestionsEQ is bringing me into the 700 club! Should I garden?
Kristina Brooker asked 5 years ago

Hey All!


Last month, all of my scores were very poor. Mid 400 and 500s across the board.  Over the past 6 weeks, I have sent out disputes via SkyBlue and have watched several collections drop off my report (I did not have many to begin with as most on my report were US student loans).  Paid off my only CC ($ 300 secured Capital One) in full last month.  On Monday I discovered that my scores dramatically increased into the 600 territory!


611 EQ     564 TU     601 EX


This made me feel like I could somewhat breathe again!


Today I just learned that my EQ increased 64 points!!!  Other scores also increased this week in part to ongoing changes in my report.  It feels like it’s still possible to hit the 720 club this year!


711 EQ    620 TU    598 EX


I’ve gotten really into acquring cards with high flyer miles value lately but I don’t think I’m eligble to apply for my dream cards just as yet since I would probably need to increase my CL and score in the meantime.  Currently dreaming about the AMEX Gold, SPG AMEX, Chase Freedom, Chase SP (I am currently listed as a AU on a AMEX Platnium and Chase SP but I personally own a separate Chase Private Client Checking/Savings Account so I do not know if anything would increase my chances).


I’ve held out on applying for new credit until I developed healthy credit habits but now I am ready.  I currently only have a very small credit line of 300 open (Capital One Quicksilver).  I only send about $ 80 in recurring charges to the card a month and have my bank autopay the amount.  I am going to try and switch things up and keep a tiny balance on the card so that I can bring my new 0% utilization rate to 1%. Ideally, I would like to increase my credit line via new cards (hopefully with miles from travel/dining), new loan (of an amount that I can actually pay off in full monthly to build trade lines), so that way I do not have to maintain such a tiny balance in order to maintain a low ultilziation rate.


Not exactly sure what my next steps are as I anticipate my TU and EX scores to also benefit from the new score increase that occured today on EQ.  Excited to hit 700 nonetheless, and only 9 points shy of reaching the next goal!


Would anyone have any tips or tricks to spare?  I’ve been lurking on the forums for years now but finally ready to dig in and contribute! Smiley Happy



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