Enhanced recovery solutions-Sprint Bill

QuestionsEnhanced recovery solutions-Sprint Bill
asked 3 years ago

Total balance owed $ 513.00 from 3 years ago. This will not leave my credit report, I have gone ahead and disputed it over and over because Sprint said they would waive my cancelation fee but since I have no record I am stuck with it. I have called these people numerous times to set up and arrangements because at this point I just want the debt to show paid in full and help elevaiate the total debt  on my credit report. Am I wrong in asking for a letter in advance stating that they agree to my arrangement and that they will report as paid in full but they will not give me that. They are saying after 3 days of the debt being paid off they will send me a letter showing the debt paid in full and they will report to whatever breaus it has been reported to. I just have a hard time trusting collection agencys, please let me know how I should proceed or should I just take there word? Thanks in advance. 

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