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asked 4 years ago

I took the advice of everyone on this board and sent Enhanced Recovery a debt validation letter for a $ 64 collection from AT&T. There seems to be a lot of evidence they fold more often than not when it comes to DVs, so I was confident. They received it July 2 and sent me a generic e-mail saying the status of the account had been updated and all collection processes were put on hold while the account was in an investigatory status. I figured, yay, it’s on its way to being removed. Then I checked my reports in a couple places. 


My MyFICO from July 9 shows, “Consumer disputes this account information” for Equifax. The other two show no change. However, my TransUnion report on Credit Karma shows, “Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA requirements.” Thing is, it shows the account was updated July 5. So I’m curious why the MyFICO TransUnion report wouldn’t show anything different, despite being pulled four days after the supposed update.


I haven’t heard anything from ERC since the initial e-mail about the account being placed in an investigatory status. Where should I go now? Aside from a medical collection, this is the last collection I have on my credit and I’m really trying to get it as clear as possible — student loan late payments aside — for an auto loan in October. 

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