Effect on Credit Score : Pay in Full vs Minimum

QuestionsEffect on Credit Score : Pay in Full vs Minimum
asked 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say that I found this website about a month ago and the information provided by the members here has been great. I have recently opened up two credit cards (that will actually be useful to my spending needs, the Chase Freedom Unlimited and AMEX BCP) and have a question now that I have received my first bill from Chase.

I was given a SL of 5700 and spent about 300 during this billing cycle. I understand that I have 0% APR for a year and was wondering what would be the effect on my credit score if I didn’t pay the entire amount for the first few months? I had always paid my credit card bills in full prior to this, but I am moving into a new apartment in about two months and will be needing some extra money for that process. Will not paying in full have an impact on my credit score?  My credit score from my AMEX is 716.


The reason I am asking this is because I have heard differing accounts as to what is reported to credit bureaus. I have heard that as long as the payment is on time and at least the minimum is paid, your obligation is complete. I have also heard that they report how much you paid and that not paying off your credit card could lead to not being able to get credit line increases.

Thank you in advance for the advice,


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