Effect of tradeline deletion + 2 other semi-related questions

QuestionsEffect of tradeline deletion + 2 other semi-related questions
asked 2 years ago

After 1.5 years of trying with the Cap1 EO, they finally called out of the blue the other day saying the TL in question “met criteria” and they would submit a request with the bureaus to have it deleted. 


I am curious how this affects the FICO scoring model. Will it be as though that never existed at all, period? (It was a Cap1 card with the status “legally paid for less than full balance” or something to that effect.)


Also, for those who have had similar success, does it really take the full 30-60 days as quoted?


Two somewhat related questions:

– Is it standard for Cap1 to close a “restricted” account after 24 months? That seems to be the case, just checking if it’s standard.

– Any reason old addresses listed in my file would suddenly be promoted back to my current address? I’m guessing it has to do with when my file is updated, maybe just a clerical error or something?

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