Early Deletion question. Please help!

QuestionsEarly Deletion question. Please help!
Alina Whitham asked 6 years ago

So, I’ve been reading about the option to request an Early Deletion for any paid/unpaid accounts on you report up to 2 – 6 months in advance. Does it matter the type of debt? I have an unpaid old broken lease I cosigned for that is due to fall off in Nov for a little over 9k. I called TU and the agent who I assume is based overseas just had no idea of what I was talking about. The online dispute form doesn’t provide any options that I can use to request EE. I know the Myfico is against unpaid debt but I actually am in the process of saving the money to settle this debt, so it’s not that Im wanting it off to forget about it I just need it off to apply for a new apartment. Any info you can provide is so helpful! Thanks.

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