Duplicate student loan collection TLs on EX

QuestionsDuplicate student loan collection TLs on EX
Adriene Jewell asked 5 years ago

So…. I’ve disputed these several times with both Experian and the US Dept of Edu, but they keep persisting, despite my sending proof from the NSLDS that I had only 4 of the loans they list.


I had 2 for $ 3500 and 2 for $ 3000.


They have 6 $ 3500 loans listed and 3 of the $ 3000.


They all have the same account number. 


The strange thing is that it’s clear that the additional accounts were added when I disputed the ones that were there since the loans were rehabbed. 


Do I go to method of verification? I’m at my wit’s end on how these keep “remaining” when I have proof they are duplicated. Smiley Sad

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