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asked 4 years ago



I live in Fargo, ND (Job in Fargo, ND) and I have been looking at potentially buying a home early 2016.  I would qualify under the FHA loan program but not sure if I would have 3.5% by then.  Wondering if any of you have experience in utilizing downpayment assistance programs?  Looks like both ND and MN have them and since I could live in either Fargo, ND or Moorhead MN, I was thinking about trying to obtain the assistance.  Looks like I qualify under both programs salary minimum reqs ($ 51k a year).  Fargo has 3% of house or 3k whichevery is greater and I think MN has up to $ 7.5k assistance can use for closing and or daypayment.  How hard are they to obtain?  Thanks!

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