Double Cash or Blispay… or both?

QuestionsDouble Cash or Blispay… or both?
asked 3 years ago

I plan to apply for the Double Cash (which has been my goal card) or Blispay in a few weeks as soon as the mortgage process is complete. I typically don’t carry balances but I think that the 0% option on purchases over $ 199 is a perk of the Blispay. Anyway… whatever card(s) I get after the mortgage will be the only cards I apply for in the next few years. So help me decide… I want an all around 2% card, I do not yet have a Visa, and the promo % on Blispay sounds cool, but is the card really going to be around for the long term?


Do I go for the Citi Double Cash, Blispay, or both?

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