Done. For now.

QuestionsDone. For now.
Emilie Hornsby asked 5 years ago

I’m prettty much done.   Most of my innacuracies have been corrected.   Goodwills have been attempted multiple times without success.  


Cap 1 has been good to me and I’ve opened a CC with my local CU, and a secured Discover.    Next paycheck will be a CD secured loan with my CU.   


From here, I just have to hang out and wait, and check my monthly CCT update.


It’s been an exhausting roller coaster.  And the disputing has made me SO annoyed.   For example, I have a student loan in collections, which will be paid in full in April of this year, and the balance was incorrect.   They haven’t updated the balance in 6 months.     I disputed the balance, and they added a comment “derogatory account”.   AARGH.    So I’m taking that as a sign to quit fighting,

and to just let things take their course for now.  


I have one old charge off that is sticking around until November, I can’t pay it because they sent me a 1099.


Meanwhile, I’m just using my cards just enough to keep them active, and paying in full (I really HATE using credit cards as a payment).  And I’m trying to save a grand a month for a house downpayment.    Fingers crossed that my plan goes well…..


I’m so grateful for everyones help here. Heart



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